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Keep What You Earn

Sep 12, 2023

Have we even begun to grasp the potential of AI technology? I don’t think so, but I also don’t think we even know where to start. That’s why I called Jim! After this conversation, I left feeling so energized by all of the ideas on how to use this technology in our practice and I know you’ll feel the same. Grab a notebook and your Asana board and let’s go.


Jim Carter III, a seasoned founder, Fortune 15 consultant, and AI strategist, has a successful history of scaling 7-figure businesses in tech and content. Specializing in AI, he advises brands on leveraging content and technology for growth, and mentors entrepreneurs through his Fast Foundations Mastermind. With his passion and expertise, Jim simplifies complex challenges, empowering entrepreneurs to harness AI in their everyday operations.


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What you'll hear in this episode:


[1:27] Introduction to Jim.

[5:03] Deeper dive into Jim’s background and what he does.

[8:16] The release of Chat GPT and how it amazed even those in the technology industries.

[14:28] How is AI already integrated into our lives?

[17:45] Jim Carter dives into use cases and examples for business owners to utilize AI.

[24:55] Fear around AI replacing your job.

[28:44] What is the difference between Chat GPT and AI as a whole?

[40:00] Using GPT with Excel or Google sheets.


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