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Keep What You Earn

Sep 19, 2023

I always love chatting with fellow fractional CFOs and today is no exception. I am joined by Staci Millard, a CFO from Canada who is a fellow entrepreneur and has already exited her business. We discuss common trends we see with business owners and how to avoid major missteps in your path to scaling.


Staci Millard is a mom of 2 and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She grew and sold her first seven figure business business before she was 35 while raising her daughters. She prides herself not only on her own experience growing a business but also the thousands of small businesses she’s helped over the past 15 years. She believes in three non-negotiables for every successful business- making money, heart-led impact on those we serve, and having a great life because of our businesses not in spite of it. Staci now works as a fractional CFO and business mentor for entrepreneurs helping them scale and have the success she knows we can all achieve.


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What you'll hear in this episode:

[3:23] Staci talks about her background and the types of clients she serves.

[7:16] What are some of the biggest misconceptions about what fractional CFOs do or don't do?

[10:34] Staci discusses challenges she has helped business owners overcome.

[14:10] How to decide if an investment in yourself or your business is worth the expense?

[17:49] How a fractional CFO keeps your money focused on your business goals.

[30:16] Staci shares client successes.



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