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Keep What You Earn

Mar 10, 2022

If you're starting a small business, have you ever considered skipping all of the steps that are associated with coming up with your own marketing from scratch, creating your own personal brand, and creating your own systems, processes, and recipes that you need to create a business? Do you just have that small business itch, but you're dreading the idea of having to do all of this by yourself? Then this is a perfect conversation for you to listen to!

Diane Pleuss joins us on this episode. She's a franchise consultant. She helps connect aspiring franchise owners with the right company to fit them. She offers a complimentary service for aspiring business owners who want to learn more about whether owning and running a franchise may be a good fit for them. We discuss how franchises include more than just your typical fast-food restaurant, the benefits of being a franchisee, and the top success tips of performing owners so that you can insure that you're generating profit as fast as possible as a franchisee.


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